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Gardenya Textile, who has committed to being a long-term partner to its customers by offering reliability, performance, continuous improvement and teamwork:

  • Continuously improves and renews itself in compliance with both commercial and current trends with the awareness of creativity, design and being different. Seizes the day, analyzes the trend.
  • Is in cooperation with expert designers in Turkey, London, Paris and New York.
  • Routinely follows all fairs and organizations related with the industry and instantly tracks new technologies, new products and trends.
  • Provides A-to-Z service as a whole package starting from design and extending to quality control thanks to its qualified and well-trained team.
  • Develops meticulously planned custom and boutique solutions for each and every customerís special requests and needs.
  • Offers a wide range of manufacturing facilities with 30 manufacturers in Turkey and 5 manufacturers in China and India.
  • Thanks to the strategic, long-term relationships established with the manufacturers, provides high-quality services to its customers in a short time.
  • Pays attention to the work conditions, environment and occupational health approach of the manufacturers it works with.
  • Aims for perfection and works with enthusiasm.

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